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We do all kinds of dirt work, land clearing, and site prep - learn more. These are some of our most popular services.

Forestry Mulching Services

Forestry Mulching

Need to clean annoying underbrush? Fence line getting overtaken? Forestry mulching is an effective, eco-friendly and economical way to clear land. It takes any tree from 1-6 inches and grinds it into instant mulch!

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Trackhoe & Dozer Services

When it comes to site preparation, we have you covered. If it can't be mulched or needs the stumps removed (such as house sites, pond & lake projects), then we have the equipment for the job!

Tractor-Pulled Scraper

Tractor-Pulled Scrapers

Tractor-pulled dirt pan units are capable of moving 500-2,000 cubic yards of dirt in a day! We do ponds, lakes, building pads, landfill cells and other commercial and agriculture projects.

The PACE Story

PACE Excavating was formed as an LLC in 2011 by Seth Wedel and Troy Jantz. As teenagers in the '80s, both learned dirt construction alongside their fathers, Galen Wedel and Ronnie Jantz. Both families had been farmers and after a change in market conditions needed to find another way to make a livelihood.

The Wedel’s started their operation by pulling a small dirt pan home from the Mississippi Delta behind a single-cab pickup truck. Holding customer satisfaction as a top priority and dedication to learning and growing became the foundations of both families operations. Brothers Shannon Wedel and Gabriel Wedel soon joined the Wedel’s operation to create a strong family business.

Over the years the two teams often worked side by side, subcontracting together. Many long hours working all across Mississippi and into Arkansas, Alabama and Tennessee gave them a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Working with a large variety of contractors and all kinds of projects from roads to subdivision and site development to ponds and landfills, this team has become unparalleled in their knowledge of dirt and different soils and how to put it where you want it!

When Seth and Troy made the decision to join forces, more than 75 years of combined experience came together. Third generation Carson Wedel joined the team soon after.

The families enjoyed working together and anticipation of many years creating together. That dream changed directions when Troy lost an earthly battle with cancer and became the company’s heavenly partner at age 40. The company proudly carries his choice of name PACE Excavating. Our motto continues to be P-A-C-E.


We are proud to be a strong team creating strong culture that offers you the highest level of service.

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