Forestry Mulching Services

Forestry Mulching Services

What is Forestry Mulching?

Forestry mulching is a land clearing method that is used to clear unwanted undergrowth (vegetation — small to large trees, brush, stumps, etc.) into mulch by a Forestry Mulcher.

Watch Our Forestry Mulcher at Work

Less than 1-minute forestry mulching video.

Why go with a Forestry Mulcher for clearing?

The mulch is spread as evenly as possible to help with erosion. It also slows regrowth of unwanted vegetation and replenishes the topsoil.

Unlike other types of land clearing methods, mulching leaves no brush piles to burn, bury, or the expense of hauling off. No scarred or stripped growth to wash away when it rains. Mulching with the machines we use does not harm the delicate feeder root systems because of low ground pressure unlike dozers which rip and tear at every turn.

Damage to trees is greatly reduced with these machines because of the operator’s ability to see. No permit is needed.

Mulching can be done when most other land clearing equipment has stalled because of it being too wet. The mulch acts as a mat to keep working. This mulch is very effective in water management areas that are restricted by land clearing laws. The mulch acts as excellent erosion control especially around lakes, rivers, creeks, retention ponds, etc.

Forestry Mulching - Before & After

Forestry Mulching Benefits

  • No debris
  • No permits
  • Selective clearing
  • We use rubber track machines that have low ground pressure
  • Fewer machines which means less compaction
  • Job done faster
  • Property can be driven on immediately
  • Erosion eliminated
  • Increased land quality, value, and marketability
  • Potential buyers can walk or ride over the land easily or simply look from the road
  • Mulch decomposes into topsoil providing nutrients and organic material

Another good thing about mulching is it gets done faster, safer, and looks more appealing. In fact, it looks GREAT.

The planer-style mulching teeth we use helps us greatly in being more productive than the carbide-tipped mulchers — getting up to 50% more done in a day.


Looped video visual of cutter on our forestry mulcher.

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